Transforming Your Real Estate Experience


Provide Visibility
to Market Demand

The Monimmo smart platform reports market demand and matches demand to existing leads.

Adding the “demand” side of real estate to the equationwill change the real estate market as we know it. Monimmo solution will increase market transparency and offerings to the real estate market.

Smart Platform

Support Complex Real Estate Decisions

Monimmo provides real-estate information on the fly and together with the build analytics capabilities helps users make better decisions faster. The predictive analysis based on historical trends and patterns provides real estate stakeholders with meaningful insights on demand. Historical deals and area information enables users to better value their assets or potential investments.

End to End Solution

Support Deals from Listing
to Payment in the B2C Market

Monimmo’s solution helps shortening and automating renting real estate transactions between business’ and the private sector in both residential and commercial markets.

We make the process more efficient for both sides !


Monimmo Personalized
Real Estate Supply and Demand

Our cost effective all-in-one solution bridges the gap between the buy-side and the sell-side
by developing a real estate smart data driven platform. Using AI, personalization and advance
algorithms we match smartly prospective buyers to market offerings.