Our Story

The real estate market is dynamic, and a shortage in real estate offerings has made the process of finding and acquiring property, difficult, to say the least. Monimmo is bridging the gap between key players to create a more transparent, technology-backed view into the EU real estate market.

The first buyer’s marketplace, Monimmo is changing the way buyers and investors search for properties, by combining Big Data, AI, and predictive analytics into one smart platform – with excellent results.

With a smart matching AI that filters through available inventory, the Monimmo platform is able to reveal the investments you want, with the details you need to close the deal.

Using advanced analytics, the Monimmize platform offers in-depth insights such as blueprint schematics, the purchase prices of homes in the area, and more - all in one place and ready for the taking.

How We Work


Collect data

Capture Demand
Our platform allows buyers, sellers, renters, and investors to post ads - bridging the gap between all key players.


Analyse using AI

Monimmo utilizes smart-match algorithms, advanced insights, Big Data and predictive analytics to help match the perfect property for you.


Find Your Perfect Match

Shorten your sales cycle with the AI-backed buyer's marketplace created to reveal relevant properties for buyers and valuable leads for sellers from across the EU.


Meet Monimmo, your all-in-one SMART technology Buyers’ Marketplace.

Using advanced analytics, the Monimmo platform is personalizing the buying experience and revolutionizing the way we find listings.

Buyers, Monimmo lets the sellers come to you!

And Sellers - Get real-time, personalized leads with Monimmo!


Monimmo is disrupting the real estate market by bringing more offers to the table.


Monimmo is your personal, smart assistant for your home search.


The first platform that lets the sellers come to you!


Get insights into property surroundings using advance analytics.

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